Dec 2017 evening scheduling rules

This info applies to nights before and after the actual Boat Parade. There is a 2 hour minimum in the evenings during most of December for the viewing of the lights and decorations in the harbor. 
You can either book 2 hours ending between 6-7 pm or a 715-915  pm rental on the following nights. ( Dec ,2,3,  ,9,10,  18,19,20,21,22,23,  26 )
If you try to book for 90 min during these dates in the evening we will auto adjust the time to 2 hours and send you an updated conf.
Holiday hours on xmas eve, xmas and new years day: open till 7pm.

For info on the boat parade nights of 12/13-12/17 click the link at top of page. Happy Holidays
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